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Four sweet and swoony love stories that span all four seasons in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Join Logan and Maddie as they entwine their lives around soul-changing music, past tragedies, and ninja-worthy escapes to find a love that cannot be tamed. (Couple represented on the cover)

Klint and Jedidiah as they steer clear of a menacing adversary while fighting sizzling chemistry, close proximity, and secret goals to bake up a quirky and fun future together.

Cole and Erica as they survive holiday shenanigans, a naughty puppy, an unconventional arrangement, and unique hardships to build an irresistible new life straight from heaven.

Gavin and Jade as they use cowboy charm, corporate savvy, and plenty of heart to protect a little peanut and her adorable Maine Coon sidekick, all while taking a gamble on love.

Fancy Vincent Peak is a contemporary romance novel set in the beautiful, fictional ski town of Vincent Peak, Colorado. Each love story within has its own start, finish, and happily ever after.

Fancy can be read before or after Ritzy Vincent Peak, before or after Classy Vincent Peak, or as a standalone. There is very little character crossover between the three books.

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